Spend Controls

Take advantage of EML’s innovative spend controls, giving you the option to have full control over your customers’ transactions in real time, and create unique offers such as real-time loyalty.

You control the rules

Whether you are a BNPL wanting to offer payments in particular merchants, or wanting to offer personalised rewards, a government wanting to issue tailored stimulus payments or a neo bank wanting to offer real-time loyalty redemption at POS, EML ControlPay gives you the control you need!

Closed Loop vs Open Loop

We offer both closed loop and open loop solutions. Closed loop (or private label) gives you the ability to offer a cards payment solution in only selected merchants, like store cards. Open loop allows you to offer a cards payment solution anywhere Visa or Mastercard are accepted, but with ability to restrict payment in certain merchants if required.


Access to transaction data allows you to create a customised funding solution from any combination of card balance, wallet/float, points conversion, card, or real-time discount/loyalty redemption.

You can take advantage of just-in-time funding to hold onto your cash longer.


Create multiple sub-accounts or money buckets to allow a separation of funds within the one wallet or mobile app. A popular use case with clients is creating hyper-personalised jam-jars to help their users with better budget management.


ControlPay is our most popular EML packaged solution that allows you to be in the drivers seat and choose when, where and how your customers transact with their cards, all in the one package. You control the card use in real time with pre-set controls or your own customised spend controls over criteria such as merchants, locations, spend amounts, and time frames. EML provides all the transaction data to enhance your own digital customer solution.

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