Business Expense Cards

Let EML take the nightmare out of managing corporate expenses locally or globally, with a simple process that puts you in control of the spend at point-of-sale.


Corporate expense management can be a costly, time-consuming and often poor experience for the employer and employee alike. Businesses often avoid corporate credit card programs due to cost and security risks. Controlling corporate procurements, business and travel expenses can be a nightmare, yet not being able to provide an effective way for your employees to make business payments can be a really disengaging pain point.


Our corporate expense card solution helps you to manage your expenses, simply and cost-effectively. Customisable real-time spend controls allow businesses to set spend limits and restrict where employees can use the card and eliminate the worry of wrongly expensed transactions. Our multi-currency solution allows you to make international payments in the currency of your choice maximising capital, whilst minimising FX costs.

Additionally, EML's just-in-time funding allows corporates to maximise cash flow and capital.


  • Better employee and employer expense experience
  • Multi-currencies (in Europe) reduce foreign exchange overheads
  • Detailed transaction reports to help with reconciliation
  • Better management of working capital


Digital Wallet:

One digital wallet can hold a master account which can link multiple business expense cards.


Detailed transaction reporting supports reconciliation and itemisation of spend to provide control and visibility of the card usage.

Card Funding:

You can pre-fund expense cards or take advantage of EML’s just-in-time funding to maximise your cash flow and capital. Our corporate capital funding option can reduce foreign exchange overheads.


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Business travel through Europe and cross-border expenses are made much easier with EML’s SEPA services. Clients enable easy and inexpensive electronic payments that mirror the ease of a single market/currency solution


Spend controls set limits on when, where, and how cards are used leading to a better expense management and fraud control. With ControlPay, businesses operate parent/child cards with both accessing a specific funding source and enforcing card-level rules around spend limits and/or merchant types.


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In Europe, multi-currency cards reduce the impact of foreign currency payments. EML wallets can hold funds in multiple currencies, with up to 15 currencies on the one card, eliminating the need for costly currency conversions.

Virtual IBAN:

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EML supports your overseas needs with a multi-currency and multi-jurisdictional banking solution, without the need to manage different banks.

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