B2B Payment Solutions

EML delivers digital payment solutions to suit your business needs, allowing you to efficiently manage any one-off or recurring payments with ease.


Businesses need a competitive edge when managing their payments. Suppliers, vendors, utilities, contractors and customers all need to get paid within their agreed upon terms, and corporations need to reduce the time burden and cost of making those key payments.


EML offers numerous solutions to help solve payments tied to your business. Whether you are a corporate or a fintech, we have the solution that will take the pain out of your payments workload and reduce costs and inefficiencies.


  • Reduce issuing costs
  • Reduce administrative burden
  • Security and fraud mitigation
  • Painless payment reconciliations
  • Powerful reporting
  • Improve operational efficiency


Payment Types:

Customise a selection of payment types; from instant deposit, direct deposit, check, e-check, virtual cards, physical prepaid card or PayPal to pay individuals or small businesses.

1099 Tax Compliance:

Tick Tag

For Contractors – enjoy the benefits of an automated W9 collection process, real-time name and Tax ID verification with IRS (Internal Revenue Service), and automated 1099 expense tracking.

Virtual Cards:

Use our virtual cards to send one-time payments via a simple API.


We can provide real-time payment status, and user generated annual reports. Reports, as well as payments themselves, can all be managed by our no-code portal solution.

Advanced Security:

Security is guaranteed with encrypted data, multi-factor authentication, and fraud monitoring and notifications.

Open Banking:

Open banking solutions eliminate manual reconciliation and settlement steps in the process.

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