Forex Payment Solutions

Our multi-currency solutions makes doing global business and cross-border travel easy and cost effective. You can benefit from better foreign exchange rates, no fees or interest on what you spend, and have the ability to choose when to settle in different currencies. Available in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Multi-currency Cards

Our multi-currency solution uses one card linked to multiple currency wallets. There are 23 currencies available, and up to 15 currencies can be stored on the card. Like conventional credit or debit cards, you can use pre-loaded cards in the required currency to pay for goods or withdraw cash from an ATM, without the need for an overdraft or credit facility. Wherever the card is used, an amount will be debited in the local currency.

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Business Currency Card/Accounts

We offer globally recognised services to international businesses with multi-currency card and account solutions, offering a high load ability for large currency exchange volumes, and a simple and cost-effective way to manage your cash flow and expenses. Our multi-currency platform allows international expenses and payments to be made quickly and easily in the currency of your choice. EML's ControlPay feature can provide you with control over where and how corporate card funds are spent whilst overseas.

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Our market leading corporate capital funding options allow you to reduce the FX overheads and maximise flexibility of international payments.You or your customers can transfer funds and view balances in real time and cards can be reloaded on demand. Reload multiple wallets at any given time via our payments platform, and top up with the relevant currencies to avoid fees and FX rate charges.

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