Betting & Gaming Payment Solutions

EML are pioneers in the sports betting and gaming market. Our innovative solutions are used across the world to deliver an instant winning experience.


Online sports betting and gaming operators exist in a highly competitive environment. It’s never more exciting than when a customer wins, but slow delivery of winnings can lead to a negative customer experience. Within this highly regulated market, traditional funds transfers take time and delay the ability to access or re-invest their wins. Physical gaming establishments can provide instant cash payouts, leaving online gaming operators behind traditional competitors when it comes to instant and engaging customer experiences.


With EML you can offer you customers instant access to winnings, anytime and anywhere. Our fully customisable white label solution allows you to optimise your customers' experience where it matters most. Customers can also load additional funds onto their gaming account via their branded winnings card and push money into their gaming account in real time, no delays. The majority of funds withdrawn from cardholders gaming wallets are re-invested within 1.5 days.


  • Immediate access to winnings
  • Better engagement with your customer throughout their gaming experience
  • Faster spend and reinvestment ability
  • Incremental revenue and margin
  • Brand loyalty and engagement
  • Reduced merchant service fees


Branded Reloadable Cards:

Ongoing customer engagement is made easy with a branded card. Winnings can be instantly loaded onto the card and used immediately wherever Mastercard is accepted. Cards may be physical, virtual or tokenised.

Instant Funding:

Allow instant movement of funds and access to winnings, anytime, anywhere. This enables funds to flow to and from the customer’s account and winnings card for faster re-spend and happier winners.


Spend controls can provide limits on certain spend criteria, and can also enable provision of real-time spend incentives and just-in-time funding. Transfers from prepaid cards to competitive accounts can be restricted.


Detailed transaction reporting can be provided that can be cross-referenced with your customers gaming activity to provide rich insights into customer spend patterns and habits.

Loyalty & Rewards:

Tick Tag

Build your own merchant discounts and offers attached to your card, with real-time redemption. Create a loyalty program for customers for an added value experience.

We have always viewed the winnings card solution as a unique and successful way for bookmakers to provide a better experience for their customers. The fact that Ladbrokes has embraced this and has now expanded it to all their brands reaffirms this belief. The EML platform is perfectly designed to enable these types of solutions. By providing an instant access to funds it allows for an organisation to develop a better customer engagement and interaction strategy by being able to provide the tools to integrate in a seamless manner.


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