Buy Now Pay Later Solutions (BNPL)

BNPL has taken off globally, and in this highly competitive marketplace it's important to differentiate. EML has a history of providing innovative solutions for leading BNPL and neo bank clients around the world.


BNPL is a highly competitive space driven by mass customer adoption and ever growing demand for payment flexibility, not just in retail but everywhere. However, an all too common barrier to growth is the difficulty in attracting new merchants and the point-of-sale integration pain that comes with this.


EML can power your branded BNPL card solution to maximise your customers’ shopping experience and provide a competitive edge. Customers can shop anywhere with your branded BNPL card and enjoy the benefits of paying in installments, while you can control where and how much spend customers can BNPL with specific merchants. A BNPL card alleviates all the challenges of point-of-sale integrations with your merchants.

Take advantage of the latest EML has to offer by adding open banking data to offer customers a 'rewind-BNPL' or instant loyalty redemptions that can be co-funded by your merchants.


  • Create a competitive edge
  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased customer reach & acquisition
  • Additional merchant discount rewards
  • Simplified administrative process



You can take control! Set spend control limits on when, where, and how cards are used, leading to a better expense management and fraud control. With ControlPay, businesses operate parent/child cards where two parties can both access a specific funding source, while enforcing card-level rules around spend limits and/or allowable merchant types.

Open Banking:

Use the latest EML payment innovation that couples open banking data with real- time digital payment solutions. You can provide greater convenience through simplified Direct Debit processes, removing the need for tedious manual form filling. Our market leading banking app provides the ability to quickly do a rewind-BNPL, where you can go back and turn any transaction into a BNPL instalment loan.

Digital Wallets:

With EML wallets you can offer your customers or users a fast, convenient, and hyper-personalised neo banking experience.

Embedded Merchant Rewards:

Tick Tag

Offer your customers the added benefit of instant discounts tied to their card to boost card loyalty and reward your customers.

EML’s expertise and global scale have been instrumental in expediting humm’s transition into digital payments both in Australia and in developing similar implementations in the United Kingdom. Merchant integration for a Buy Now Pay Later platform can be a headache for many retailers due to the time, cost and complexity involved. To solve for this, humm worked with EML and leveraged their payment processing capabilities and holistic payment knowledge to roll out TAPP in May 2021. TAPP enables remote, instant merchant integration and has unlocked significant opportunities for humm: it has greatly streamlined the merchant on-boarding process and it enables customers to use their preferred payment choice with Apple Pay or Google Pay at checkout.

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