Retail Gift Card Solutions

EML is the world’s largest provider of shopping mall gift cards, creating more convenient and rewarding shopping experiences that can go beyond the storefront.


Retail gift cards and consumer rewards have been around for years, however customers’ expectations have shifted dramatically, with consumers today being more savvy and expecting more convenience than ever before. This has led to a need for more sophisticated and flexible digital gift card and consumer reward solutions.


EML has decades of experience in providing retail gift and incentive programs with comprehensive solutions for gift cards, cashbacks, rebates, rewards, corporate gifts and prizes. As the world’s largest provider of shopping mall gift cards, our custom loop cards are an ideal solution for regional malls, premium outlets, property managers and retail card distributors looking to reach new heights of sales, loyalty and customer experience.

We work with clients to develop customised solutions to create a total experience with your brand. Our platform uses the latest technology which can make the experience fully virtual. The options are endless to allow your business to go beyond your storefront into hard to-reach markets.


  • Enhance brand loyalty and customer experience
  • Maximise retail sales
  • No need for point-of-sale modifications
  • Full end to end solution and support
  • Broaden your reach beyond your store
  • Powerful reporting
  • Dedicated support and training to ensure a smooth implementation of your program
  • Gain a competitive edge


Branded Gift Cards:

EML can offer more than just a gift card, it’s a total experience with your brand. There are countless options and customisable features to launch a branded, customer friendly and profitable card program, whether it be for a gift, reward, prize or incentive.

Loyalty & Rewards:

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We can help you design a flexible and tailored program to create a rewarding experience that engages your customers and positively reinforces your brand. EML’s solutions allow you to reward and incentivise with convenient card solutions that adapt to your business and empower you to effectively manage the offering, with optional merchant discounts tied to the cards.

Physical or Virtual Cards:

Work with EML specialists to turn your program into a fully virtual offer, which can be purchased for instant delivery to the card recipient.


We provide remote and in-house training covering merchant set-up and testing to reconciliation, to ensure a smooth implementation of your program.


Gain valuable insight into your program’s performance with financial, transaction, and merchant reports in real time.


EML provide you with access to our dedicated in-house multilingual expert team to help with cardholder and merchant support.


Choose from a variety of funding options from pre-funding of programs to funding on activation, or on card spend.

Point-of-Sale (POS):

Our solutions allow you to quickly and efficiently sell and activate gift cards, using either EML’s modern integrated till solution or on-the-go with mobile POS, or without any modifications to your existing point-of-sale. Our configurable and white-label Ecommerce solution also allows retailers to sell gift cards online. For behind-the-scenes purchases, we also offer a corporate order portal allowing you to order and manage your own cards and card inventory.

The new provider of gift cards for the Bullring shopping centre has proved to be a seamless transition for all concerned. The most significant improvement from a finance perspective has been the back end reconciliation of the system. Previously, a member of the finance team would have needed to complete this task which was lumpy and time consuming. However, the new provider, EML, has all that covered. Now a simple check of cash receipts is all that is needed and its contents banked locally.

Ian Crumpton - Business Support Manager, Bullring Shopping Centre

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