Multi Currency Travel Cards

As the world returns to more travel and commuting, money and safety will be key factors for businesses looking to win new market share in this space. EML can help with the latest in cashless and other payment solutions, and get your travellers and commuters safely and conveniently on their journeys.


Our generation continues to embrace becoming a cashless and contactless payment era, and our requirements for traveling and using public transport are evolving even more so following the pandemic. Travellers, commuters and transport providers, all require a convenient, safe and secure means to facilitate payments for the journeys they undertake.


Transport cards and multi-currency travel cards are used globally. They provide a convenient and safe way to pay for travel or travel expenses, without the need to carry cash. Whether travelling locally or overseas, EML has worked with multiple travel and transport providers to develop solutions to suit their needs. We provide companies with the choice of issuing either physical or mobile payment solutions, and easy, instant ways to prepay for journeys ahead of time, or pay-as-you-go in a contactless way. You can even provision these payments to smart devices such as a smart watch for an even more efficient way to pay.


  • Simple, convenient and contactless payment process
  • Usable across multiple travel networks
  • Cashless safety for travelers and transport operators
  • Enhanced brand visibility and customer experience
  • Multi-currencies available with reduced foreign exchange overheads


Travel/Transport Card:

Branded transport cards can be issued to provide a means of convenient contactless payment, with the ability to be used across multiple transport networks (eg. bus, taxi, ferry and rail) and even Ubers.


Clients can create and control the authorisation rules for when, where, and how cards are used. Transport card limits can be applied to control the number of allowable trips within the subscription, and within allowable travel zones. Travel expense cards can be limited by merchant and spend criteria.

Digital Wallet:

A secure and convenient way to digitally store and use payment cards. EML wallets can hold funds in multiple currencies, reducing the need for costly currency conversion.


Tick Tag

Travel cards or corporate expense cards can be used around the globe, with up to 23 currencies to choose from, or you can store up to 15 currencies on the one card. Every time a card is used overseas, an amount will be debited in the local currency.

Card Funding:

Multiple mobile payment platforms are enabled including Apple Pay and, Google Pay. Transport Cards can be on a prepaid subscription basis or as a pay-as-you-go. Our corporate capital funding option can reduce foreign exchange overheads.

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