Human Capital Payments Product Suite

EML works with Human Capital Management, Payroll, HR and other leading software platforms to ensure their employers and employees, contractors and casual staff benefit from a modern payroll and employee benefits payments experience.

The Challenge

We have all become accustomed to clean, crisp and instant digital experiences in our daily lives. Employees also want to have the same flexibility with the way they get paid and rewarded. This is quickly becoming a key decision factor in choice of employment for millennials and Gen Z, the dominate cohorts of today's workforce.

The Solution

Advances in payments technology can make payroll processes faster and more efficient without significant capital outlay, integration effort or increased risk. Use our payment APIs to disburse a range of different benefits, rewards or pay in a way that meets the expectations of today’s modern workforce. Be at the forefront of the payment revolution.


  • Make payroll more efficient
  • Help your employers pay people on demand
  • Maximise every employees' benefits
  • Integrate employee rewards to your offering
  • Develop new revenue streams
On Demand Pay

Integrate a white labelled account and digital wallet into your payroll offering to receive, and safely onward disburse, all or part of, an employee’s earned wages.

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Employee Benefits

Expand your offering so your employers can help their employees maximise their tax-free benefits and allowances in their local jurisdiction.

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Employee Rewards

Enable your employers to reward their employees seamlessly more frequently and let employees to redeem their reward instantly and easily.

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Better Payroll

Improve your employers’ operational payroll processes. Help reduce the time, administration, effort and pain points of payroll.

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