Government Stimulus & Emergency Payouts

When disasters hit, our most vulnerable members of the community need financial support. Governments, Councils and NGO's work with EML to create fast and personalised payment experiences, to distribute funds to those in need across the world.


Federal, State, County and City governments, as well as the private sector, may at times want or need to provide financial support to those impacted by a crisis, disaster, disability or in need of welfare assistance. These emergency funds, charitable grants or donations need to be disbursed to those in need safely, securely, and immediately.

Traditional payment avenues like cheques, vouchers and bank transfers are expensive, not always immediate and require the securing of bank account information. Making these funds accessible instantly, or with the ability to spend digitally, is vitally important for recipients.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, EML worked with governments and not-for-profit companies using EML technology to distribute urgent stimulus payments to hundreds of thousands of people across the globe impacted by COVID. Using physical and/or virtual prepaid cards, our clients are able to get emergency funds to those in need quickly and securely.

Depending on the program, clients can select from a variety of smart spend controls or expiry rules to meet their requirements, such as spend being restricted to local purchases or necessities. We have a proven record of delivering card solutions quickly to market, within 4 - 6 weeks. EML can also provide a portal to allow a self-service management tool for governments, clients and their recipients to activate cards, check balances and monitor transactions.


  • Speed to market - under 6 weeks
  • Lower cost than traditional methods
  • Reduced administrative burden
  • Faster funds distribution
  • Convenient and secure access to funds
  • No integration required and access to out-of-the box portal solutions for customer service support


Physical or Virtual Cards:

Prepaid cards are an easy, safe and cost-effective way to provide access to needed funds immediately.Virtual cards can offer an even faster access to urgently needed funds, where a virtual card is sent in real-time to a mobile and the recipients can spend online or using their mobile wallet.


Use our ControlPay packaged solution to create spend controls to ensure that all funds distributed can only be spent within specific criteria and guidelines you have set.

Portal/Self Service Tools:

EML provides a portal with a suite of self-service tools to activate and monitor card transactions in real-time. Our out-of-the-box portals allow easy card management and customer support.

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