Salary Packaging & Payroll

EML offers the most comprehensive Australian end-to end salary packaging services including issuance, processing, program management and real-time merchant discounts. Available in Australia.


Following changes made by the RBA to salary packaging rules in Australia, companies that offer salary packaging services must now use prepaid cards. As a result, all of the major banks have opted out of the market, leaving companies to find an alternative to continue offering these value-add services to their employers, many of which play critical roles in Australia's health care, education or public services.


EML’s customisable service solution offers superior functionality and benefits, in a simple, straight forward process. Our innovative solution provides just one card that can access funds from multiple accounts in real-time, eliminating the need for your employee to carry multiple cards in their wallet. This multi-account feature also allows you to offer real-time incentive and rewards that are redeemed at point-of-sale without the need to scan barcodes or carry additional loyalty cards. Our complete full-service program management includes; fraud prevention, chargeback management, and full compliance with the Australian Tax Office Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) requirements.


  • Simplicity and convenience of one card
  • Additional merchant discount rewards
  • Easy to apply spend controls
  • Convenient card account monitoring
  • Full compliance with ATO requirements and FBT management


Multi-account Reloadable Card:

EML offers a single card with multiple account access to general living expenses and meal/entertainment services. EML’s solution includes both physical and virtual cards.

Portal/Self-Service Tools:

EML provide a portal with a suite of self-service tools for employers to monitor individual card programs, which is coupled with a mobile app for employees to access and track their accounts.

Embedded Merchant Discounts:

Tick Tag

Offer your customers instant discounts tied to their EML cards to boost card loyalty and reward your customers. In Australia, cardholders have access to offers and discounts from over 7,500 merchants, or you can build your own merchant coalition.


Apply spend controls to ensure all charges meet specific criteria i.e. only allow food/beverage purchases on the meal/entertainment account.

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