Digital Wallets

With EML wallets you can offer your customers or users a secure and convenient way to digitally store and use their payment cards and accounts, providing a fast, convenient, and hyper-personalised neo-banking experience.

Tailor your customer experience with a variety of features

Fully Branded Wallet

EML can provide white label wallets, where you can tailor the whole customer experience around your brand.

Virtual IBANs

EML wallets come with the option to add virtual IBANs and/or bank account numbers.

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Multiple Accounts, One Wallet

EML wallets can be set up to allow a master account with multiple sub accounts. The sub accounts can be set up with unique rules eg. parent/child accounts.


EML wallets are fully compatible with ControlPay. Clients can configure where, when and how often their customers transact based upon their requirements.

Real-time Digital Account Payments

EML wallets offer immediate transfer of funds between accounts. Whether it is funded by the cardholder or your corporate funding account.

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EML wallets can hold funds in multiple currencies, reducing the need for costly currency conversion.

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Use Cases

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