Earned Wage Access

Give employees the flexibility to get paid the way they want with EML's wages-on-demand solution, and create engaging employee experiences with instant rewards, meaningful discount offers and financial wellness tools.


Employees all over the world are wanting more flexibility when it comes to how, when and where they get paid, and are expecting more from their employer than just a regular paycheck. In challenging times of financial stress, employees need access to earned income as they earn it, rather than in many cases 2-4 weeks later. Employers are already using earned wage access as a way to attract and retain talent.


Our solution helps employers, payroll companies and salary-as-a-service providers to offer wages-on-demand and other value-adding services to employees, without the burden of building everything themselves. EML salary-as-a-service package is the key to accessing earned wage funds immediately, with a real-time load to a digital or plastic card, funded either by a third party or directly by the employer.

Employees gain the support and flexibility they need when it comes to their own cash flow management, helping to reduce financial worries. EML also offers leading edge personal finance management tools to further help employees feel better about their money. To top it off, employers can offer rewards and access to an embedded network of merchant discounts.


  • Employee satisfaction and reduced financial stress
  • Gain a competitive edge for employee talent
  • Additional merchant discount rewards
  • Additional budget management tools


Real-Time Funding:

You can enjoy real-time funding into your EML wallet, for employees to receive their pay instantly. Alternatively, you can also pay in advance to maintain a balance in your wallet.

Embedded Merchant Discounts:

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Offer your employees the added benefit of instant discounts tied to their EML cards as an extra reward.

Digital Wallets:

Wallets can allow the creation of multiple accounts associated with a digital or plastic card. This is a key to many personal finance management applications.

Personal Financial Management (PFM) & Budgeting Tools:

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Use open banking to offer additional budgeting tools to employees to provide guidance on how to best manage their cash, credit, investments and spend.

Perx© Reward Card:

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Along with earned wage access, you can reward employees, contractors, vendors, or customers with a Perx rewards card. It is such an easy way to gift someone a pre-loaded card.

Contractor Payments:

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In the USA, earned wage access pairs well with EML’s Contractor Payments solution.

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