Virtual Account Numbers (VANs)

We give businesses a competitive edge with proprietary technologies and custom solutions that make using virtual cards safer, quicker and more awesome than ever before.

Modernise your company’s payment methods and transform the way you do business with our safe and savvy virtual card solution.

The EML platform gives your organisation the ability to issue multiple payment types without ever having to change your existing process. As an issuing processor, certified program manager and full-service payment provider, EML streamlines end-to-end payments. You save money and countless back office hours while enjoying greater transparency and control.
Reduce Costs
Virtual Cards. Credit Cards. ACH. We identify the most effective payment type for each of your suppliers that will save you time and money.
Mitigate Risk
Old-fashioned payment methods are chancy. We send single-use card numbers that will never be used again after being processed by your suppliers.
Maximise Acceptance
No supplier is too small. Our in-house team of experts tailors exclusive enrollment campaigns for each of your suppliers, no matter how much they bill.
Generate Revenue
Rebates on all virtual card payments mean you create monthly cash flow for your AP department. This incremental revenue is a promise of how hard we work. We don’t make money until you do.
Pay with Confidence
Rely on a knowledgeable project manager to ensure a smooth implementation, a dedicated account manager to handle supplier relationships, and 24/7/364 support for you and your suppliers.
How does it work?
Supplier enrollment
Convert more suppliers, faster. Our experts handle your supplier enrollment campaign from delivering an in-depth spend analysis to developing customised campaigns and contacting suppliers on your behalf. 
Payment capability
The EML platform offers the speed, security and reliability you need to grow your electronic payment capabilities. As a certified issuing processor for MasterCard® and Visa®, all you have to do is approve the invoices. 
Ongoing program management
When you partner with us, you’re partnering with real people, not a technology firm or call center. From customer support to supplier outreach to scheduled meetings and check-ins, our business is your success.


How much does EML’s payment optimisation program cost?
When you pay with virtual card, your suppliers are charged a transaction fee for accepting the payment (just like every other card payment they accept). Then, a percentage of that fee is remitted to your company in the form of a monthly rebate. The other portion goes to EML for our services, which means we don’t make money until you do.
Why would my suppliers ever accept a card as payment? Won’t they raise my rates?
Many of your suppliers already accept cards from other customers, so their cost of accepting has already been built into their price. This is especially true with long-tail suppliers that don’t go through your full procurement process.
We’ve already tried virtual cards with mixed results. Why would this time be different?
Because this time, you’re using EML. Most providers only try to enroll your largest supplies hoping for early and easy conversions. Our complete and ongoing enrollment services mean we never give up on enrolling your suppliers – new or existing, big or small – because that’s how we transform your AP department from a cost centre into a profit centre. True cost savings from virtual cards are a combination of the rebate AND eliminating supports costs of your non-strategic suppliers.
I think my bank has a program like this, why wouldn’t I use them?
Most banks do not focus on payments or have a core competency in the activities required to run an effective virtual card program. In addition, most outsource each activity: transaction processing to a certified processor (like EML), supplier enrollment to the card networks and technology to a software vendor. The end result is a program cobbled together through the use of several third parties whereas EML is a single-source provider of all services needed to run your program.
My team is very busy, does this process create more work for them?
No. It actually eliminates manual processes related to paper checks. EML’s program is more “managed service” than “product”. Our team becomes an extension of yours as we take on all the heavy lifting: chasing unredeemed cards, making portal or IVR payments and answering support calls related to payment execution.
I have not heard of EML, are you a start-up?
No. EML has been around for over 13 years, is publicly traded, profitable and issues millions of payments all over the world each year.

Interested in learning more

Interested in learning more