Open Banking

Open banking is the latest fintech innovation allowing customers to share their banking data securely with other providers and powering one-click real time payments. EML pioneers the way with our latest revolutionary product suite, Nuapay! Available in Europe, United Kingdom & Australia.

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Nuapay is EML’s next-gen open banking product suite that couples open banking with the newest real-time payment capability. Tap into the value of rich data solutioning via a single integration and take advantage of a more convenient and instant payment flow to improve your user experience and your cash flow management.

  • Better customer experience
  • Operational cost savings
  • Fraud prevention
  • Instant settlement

Fast Payments & Refunds

Get paid by customers through this fast, seamless and secure payment method, with just one-click. Provide real-time cost-efficient refunds to your customers without the heavy administration of traditional methods. This will enable your customers to continue spending/shopping with you immediately.

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Direct Debit & Instalments

Collect recurring payments from customers, with this world first instalment solution powered by open banking. Remove customer-friction from your payments and access everything you need to collect direct debits in this new digital and secure way.

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Integrated Payment Accounts

Our payment account solution enables clients and distributors to provide next generation current accounts to their customers in real time. We provide a range of functionality, including ability to automate outbound payments and real-time payment and reconciliation options. Integration into your existing business software is easy.

QR Code Payments

Remove the need for physical card-based transactions with a contactless omni-channel experience bridging the divide between digital and brick-and-mortar with our QR code solutions.

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Personal Finance Management (PFM) & Budgeting Tools

Help customers with better money management using our smart budgeting and personalised financial solutions. Provide your customers with leading-edge PFM and leverage the latest in AI and machine learning with our smart data categorisation tools. Choose between our customer tested out-of-the-box package or customise the user experience to suit your customers’ needs.

Using open banking data you can turn any past transaction into a rewind-BNPL and deposit the future instalments back into their account. Talk to us about how this can work for you.

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We are at the forefront of change with Open Banking and will be continually evolving. Talk to us about what revolutionary solutions we can provide in your region now and for the future.

Europe & UK

EML provides payment initiation services (PISP), Faster Payments, SEPA Instant and account information services (AISP) services via Nuapay.


EML partners with Frollo to offer best in breed open banking and PFM tools.

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