Loyalty & Rewards

Create a rewarding and engaging experience with your brand. EML’s loyalty solutions allow you to reward and incentivise your customers or employees with instant redemption, and the ability to highly personalise the experience.

Create a rewarding experience

Loyalty is king and brands need to work harder than ever before to attract, retain and delight customers and employees. Work smarter rather than harder with the EML embedded real-time loyalty solutions.

Embedded Merchant Discounts

Offer your customers the added value of instant discounts linked to their prepaid card. In Australia, cardholders have access to offers and discounts from over 7,500 merchants, or you can build your own merchant coalition. We provide a seamless user experience, with GPS allowing cardholders to view local merchant offers, and then redeem discounts instantly with a simple one-tap payment.

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Perx© Employee Rewards

Use the Perx rewards card solution to start rewarding your employees today. Avoid the time and hassle of developing your own card program with all the software integrations and brand approvals. A Perx card is ready to go as the perfect way to say thank you or to reward staff.

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Customer Incentives

Incentivise and reward customers for a purchase with a gift card or "cash back” rebate. Drive loyalty with a tailored incentive and brand experience to keep customers coming back. You can take advantage of just-in-time incentive funding to hold onto your cash longer, where rewards can be issued but not expensed until the time of redemption.

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