On Demand Pay

Meet the On Demand Pay expectations of today’s modern workforce and all employers of choice, with own branded, full-feature, digital payments wallet.

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The Challenge

Employees all over the world want more flexibility when it comes to how, when and where they get paid. They are expecting more from their employer than just a monthly pay check and often require access to their own wages as they earn it, rather than weeks later.

The Solution

EML works with Human Capital Management, Payroll, HR and other leading software platforms to immediately, safely and securely distribute earned wages requested by an employee to their linked account or digital wallet.

The account or wallet can then also operate as a fully-functioning account with the real-time loading of the requested wages funded either by a third party or directly by the employer.

  • Expand your payments capability to meet changing employee expectations
  • Create additional revenue stream(s) through additional add-on features
  • Help your employers position themselves as ‘employers of choice’
  • Help employees better manage their personal financial situation
  • Improve employee satisfaction
  • Opportunity for employers to create new revenue

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