Better Payroll

Improve your employers’ operational payroll processes. Help reduce the time, administration, effort and pain points of payroll. Multiple payroll options are available to match your employers’ payroll needs.

The Challenge

Payroll. Everyone needs to get paid but in modern organisations that’s easier said than done. It’s a complex, difficult process, with multiple steps, processes and files moving between different parties. It’s fair to say payroll professionals have a tough job. Get it right and no-one notices, get it wrong and everyone does!

The Solution

EML works with Human Capital Management, Payroll, HR and other leading software providers to develop their payroll payment capabilities and help their employers to improve their own operational payroll processes.

  • Multiple payment solutions to suit different situations.
  • Allow your employers to pay their employees in just minutes, 24/7/365.
  • A fast, efficient streamlined payroll payments process which can help:
    • avoid unwieldy, tasks such as uploading and downloading files
    • remove reliance on manual, error-prone steps
    • reduce reconciliation effort and administration time
  • Receive immediate notification of issues.

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