Gift & Incentive

EML gives businesses a competitive edge with proprietary technologies and custom solutions to meet the needs of customers all around the world
Gift cards
It’s more than a gift card; it’s an experience with your brand.
We work closely with our customers to develop a customised gift card solution that works across all of their locations and participating merchants. Our platform uses the latest technology to give you the choice of using either plastic or virtual cards. With countless location restrictions and branding opportunities, our customisation features will ensure your gift card program is meaningful to consumers and profitable for your brand.
Location friendly
Our end-to-end support will ensure you avoid business disruptions that come with new system implementations and point-of-sale equipment.
Broad Reach
Sell beyond the store, increase program ROI, and open hard-to-access markets through our partner network of gift card distributors.
Robust Reporting
Gain valuable insight into your gift card program’s performance with a number of financial, transaction, and merchant reports.
Dedicated Support
Gain access to our in-house multilingual customer support staff.
Unlock your program’s potential with remote and in-house training covering everything from reconciliation to merchant set up and test transactions.
Gift cards for regional malls and premium outlets
The gift that keeps on giving
As the World’s largest provider of shopping mall gift cards, our custom loop gift cards are an ideal solution for regional malls, premium outlets and property managers looking to provide the very best customer experience, while maximising retail sales and accessing a corporate purchasing audience also.
Using the Mastercard network, retailer till systems can accept your gift card without the need to update their till systems in any way or perform any integration work at all. Most of our mall programs do not carry the Mastercard logo but instead look and feel like any other retailer gift card – meaning the entire card front is yours to design and brand.
Do more with your program
Built with more than 15 years of experience and innovation
Card sales
CardSpot® – our award-winning, web-based application – allows you to quickly and efficiently activate gift cards without any modifications to your existing point-of-sale.
  • Activate anywhere: With CardSpot® Mobile, your reach is only defined by you. Take your business beyond your storefront with promotional giveaways or sell gift cards at local events.
  • Sell online: Take your gift cards from in store to online. CardFrontTM– our configurable e-commerce platform integrates seamlessly into your existing gift card program so shoppers can quickly and easily order gift cards from their computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Industry leading Wedding list and gift list platforms.
  • Corporate Order portal allows companies to self serve and order their own cards, with cards only available once funds have cleared.
  • Digital/Virtual cards can be purchased for instant delivery to recipient.
Promotional Card Technology
Use our technology to provide instant issuance of physical and virtual cards, to allow fund on redemption promotions in any mix of merchants and any date/time range.
Live Cardholder & Merchant Support
Gain access to our in-house multilingual staff trained to handle all manner of cardholder, merchant and mall needs.
Balance Enquiry Options
Mobile friendly, web-based, balance and transaction history platform.
Get access to rich data on customer usage behavior and retail sales, as well as numerous other reports on our web based, real time reporting suite.
One Stop Shop
As a payments processor all of the technology is proprietary and our platform has industry leading reliability and the highest SLA’s.

: We hold our own e-money and direct issuance licenses, providing the highest levels of regulatory knowledge and compliance. Our e-money Issuing License is issued in Ireland making us BREXIT proof.
Incentives and Rewards
Incentives and rewards are no longer one size fits all. We will help you to design a flexible and tailored reward program to help you influence consumer behaviour and foster brand loyalty.

Using the latest digital technology and card features, our platform creates easy to manage experiences while delivering personalised rewards in real-time.

Increase Sales
Generate incremental sales and profit by attracting and retaining
Promote Brand Awareness
Increase awareness and engagement.
Expandable and Flexible

Our platform allows you to leverage a reward program that's flexible and adaptable with your business now and into the future.
Improve ROI
Watch your ROI multiply by funding only what you need to deliver results.
Create Brand Loyalty
Retain existing customers by offering them targeted promotions.
Detailed Reporting
Gain insight into the success of your programs with real-time reporting.
Mobile Rewards
One App + One Card
Everything users love in their most prized possession – their phone. 
Send geo-targeted, personalised messages straight to your cardholder’s mobile phone or email. In-store beacons allow you to reach nearby users instantly.
Leverage in-app data to send the most relevant rewards, rebates, points, discounts or store credit to your most valuable users.  
Know which users are driving real bottom-line business results. Track things like spend, social activity, visits and feedback to continuously improve your program. 

Interested in learning more

Interested in learning more