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EML gives businesses a competitive edge with proprietary technologies and custom solutions to meet the needs of customers all around the world
Gaming payouts
Our white label gaming cards are designed to immediately deliver winnings to your customers anytime and anywhere. Customers can also push funds back instantly from their branded prepaid card to their gaming account. This card program also has the ability for cardholders to load their gaming accounts with their own cash, credit card or debit card. 
Traditional banking channels can take up to three days to facilitate a withdrawal, meaning your customers are unable to re-spend during this time. With our gaming cards immediate funds transfer and withdrawal capabilities, the majority of all funds withdrawn onto our prepaid cards are re-spent on the account within 1.5 days of the withdrawal.
Faster re-spend drives incremental revenue and margin for our partners.
The majority of withdrawals reloaded to the gaming account do not incur merchant service fees which represent a significant saving. 
Transfers from the prepaid card to competitive accounts can be restricted, so withdrawals from our partners cannot be used to load funds to a competitor site.
You will receive information on each transaction that can be cross-referenced with your customer’s gaming activity. This will include demographic, cardholder, transaction and merchant information.

95% of cardholders report keeping their card in their wallet at all times.

Salary Packaging
We empower our customers with one salary packaging card instead of the traditional multi cards - making the whole process simpler for everyone. Our platform and processing engine automates file transfer, funds release and exception management while providing the necessary reporting.
A single card that can access both the salary packaging account and the meal and entertainment account
The salary packaging payment account is for general living expenses with only limited restrictions
The meal and entertainment payment account is for food and beverage expenses only with this restriction being managed through EML proprietary processing engine and merchant code restrictions. 
Compliance with Australian Tax Office requirements regarding fringe benefit tax (FBT) management, including recognition of the FBT year calendar and related activities.
Fraud and chargeback management
Most customisable for salary packaging in the marketplace
Australian Tax Office approved
Programmed, maintained and hosted in Queensland, Australia
Seamlessly integrates with salary packaging processes and administration systems
Extended benefit program for participating employees
Offers a real time dashboard for partners and employers to monitor their individual card program
Merchant Coalition
EML has partnered with PayWith in order to offer our partners a powerful coalition marketing and revenue generating platform.  
Salary Packaging spend volumes are significant
Merchants will provide a financial incentive to attract customers
Members get great discounts and gifts at over 1,500 locations across Australia
We will drive customer behaviour via our partners app
Merchants acquire new customers and increase spend per visit
Cardholders can buy discounted e-vouchers from leading merchants
Through Frequent Values, cardholders can enjoy savings, discounts and special offers at over 4,400 restaurants, bistros, pubs and takeaways as well as activities, local services, health & beauty and much more.
Commission Payouts
Maximise your automation process with our modern, integrated payment solutions.
Modern payments for modern businesses
Our automated payment solutions take the pain out of disbursements. Using a simple, paperless process, we’ll help you disburse earnings in real-time to payment cards that can be used anywhere MasterCard® and Visa® debit cards are accepted.
Limit fraudulent activity
With flexible spend controls you can keep a close eye on where your money is being spent. If fraudulent activity occurs, it’s as simple as restricting access by merchant, merchant category or location.
Fast Access to Funds
The time-saving technology of disbursement cards gives users real-time access to their funds. 
Use cards to withdraw earnings, ACH funds, or keep track of future business purchases.
Dedicated Support
Our in-house customer support team manages all incoming cardholder requests, so you can focus on what really matters.
Incentives and Rewards
Incentives and rewards are no longer one size fits all. We will help you to design a flexible and tailored reward program to help you influence consumer behaviour and foster brand loyalty.

Using the latest digital technology and card features, our platform creates easy to manage experiences while delivering personalised rewards in real-time.

Increase Sales
Generate incremental sales and profit by attracting and retaining
Promote Brand Awareness
Increase awareness and engagement.
Expandable and Flexible

Our platform allows you to leverage a reward program that's flexible and adaptable with your business now and into the future.
Improve ROI
Watch your ROI multiply by funding only what you need to deliver results.
Create Brand Loyalty
Retain existing customers by offering them targeted promotions.
Detailed Reporting
Gain insight into the success of your programs with real-time reporting.
Mobile Rewards
One App + One Card
Everything users love in their most prized possession – their phone. 
Send geo-targeted, personalised messages straight to your cardholder’s mobile phone or email. In-store beacons allow you to reach nearby users instantly.
Leverage in-app data to send the most relevant rewards, rebates, points, discounts or store credit to your most valuable users.  
Know which users are driving real bottom-line business results. Track things like spend, social activity, visits and feedback to continuously improve your program. 

Interested in learning more

Interested in learning more