Case Study


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Off to the races

The situation
Sportsbet exists in a highly competitive online corporate book-making market where access to winnings is critical. In this heavily regulated market, totalisers monopolise the ability to provide cash payouts for winnings. Sportsbet were looking for a differentiator from their competitors and a way to drive growth to their business.
The challenge
Provide a redemption option that expedites the customer’s access to winning wagers whilst adding a new withdrawal channel to the existing product suite, by doing so differentiate from direct competitors who were either already established or were able to provide the “instant gratification” of paying cash for a win.
The solution
A fully-branded, white label solution was developed giving customers the option to opt-in for a winnings card. The whole program is managed through the Sportsbet login with integration into the EML platform through our secure API interface. The cards are loaded by customer initiated transfers onto a branded prepaid Mastercard that can be used at POS and ATM’s Australia wide. With CashTopUp, funds can also be loaded to the gaming account for online betting using the included barcode and second magstripe. Cash Top Up is also supported as a barcode in the Sportsbet application,
The outcome
With the launch on 19 November 2014, disbursement of winnings funds is now instant and controlled by the customer through their online login, either via app or webpage, with no other interaction required with Sportsbet required.