Case Study


Salary Packaging





Maxxiamising Remservice

The situation
Operating in both Australasia and the UK, the McMillan Shakespeare Group’s (MMSG) business divisions collectively provide expertise in many areas, including salary packaging, their most well known brands in this area are Maxxia and Remserv.
The challenge
Reserve bank changes to interchange rates led to MMSG seeking a new provider for their salary repackaging cards that could differentiate them from the rest of the market. EML was positioned with the technology, product set and requisite tax rulings to present a compelling solution to MMSG.
The solution
EML was able to offer a technology focused solution that improved on the product previously provided by ANZ. Using partner Paywith, EML rolled out app focused cards in mid-2017 that allowed the cardholder to access funds in multiple accounts using a single card, whilst also earning rewards and incentives in the process. The product not only competed on price, but offered superior functionality and benefit compared to the existing product.
The outcome
The product set that was developed by EML and PayWith had not seen before in the industry, however it has increased both the value proposition for all cardholders and generated additional revenue for MMSG, EML and other Salary Packaging partner such as AccessPay, who have since joined the program.