Apple Pay Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

Using Apple Pay with an EML Payment Solutions Ltd issue Mastercard (Card)

Apple Pay allows you to make purchases using your EML Payment Solutions Ltd Card with a compatible Apple device (such as an iPhone, apple Watch or a Mac). Your Card Agreement governs the use of your Card in Apple Pay.


You must keep your device and security credentials safe and secure at all times – in the same way you would your actual Card or PIN. Never share your device security credentials or allow another person to register their fingerprint to your device as that person will be able to make payments using your Card. If you do allow someone access, you will be responsible for their use of your Card.

We recommend you always use the device lock feature on our mobile device. For more information about safety and security clock here (

Lost/Stolen Device & Unauthorised Use

Call us immediately using the number on the back of your Card if your Apple device has been lost, stolen or compromised in any way. We can suspend or remove your Card from Apple Pay to prevent further unauthorized use.

Using your information

We use your information to manage your use of Apple Pay, present you with updates and to display targeted offers and advertising from time to time. Apple share information with us for fraud and identification purposes. We always use your information in accordance with the EML Payment Solutions Ltd Online Privacy Statement (

When you register your Card to your device, Apple may access and process your information, including information about your transactions. We share some of your information with Apple to display to you in Apple Pay, which apple uses in an aggregated and de-identified way to help improve Apple Pay. Apple’s use of your personal information is solely governed by Apple’s privacy policy. (

Using Apple technology

Apple may change Apple Pay from time to time EML Payment Solutions Ltd has no control over Apple’s decisions to change Apple Pay or any of its services or products (including Apple’s terms or use or privacy policies). In order to use Apple Pay, you must agree to Apple’s terms of use and privacy policy.