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Gig Economy

Gig and mission-based contract work is more popular than ever before, and these workers are often the super-talent you need in your business. EML provides a convenient way to manage US contractor and gig worker payments. Available in United States of America.


In the USA, managing payments to contractors and 1099 tax compliance can be complex and administratively burdensome. Businesses often default to less convenient and more costly cheque payments.


EML makes paying contractors or gig workers, with or without 1099 tax compliance, easy. All you need is an email address and a payment amount, and we take care of the rest. EML helps your recipients manage payments. We collect, secure, and execute payments in line with their preferences, whether you are paying them once or many times.


  • Customised payment options to meet individuals needs
  • Easy and pain free 1099 tax compliance
  • Security and fraud mitigation
  • Reporting made easy


Payment Types:

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Customise a selection of payment types; from instant deposit, direct deposit, check, e-check, virtual prepaid cards, physical prepaid card or PayPal to pay individuals.

1099 Tax Compliance:

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We can provide pain-free automated W9 collection, real-time name and tax ID verification with IRS, automated 1099 tracking.

Advanced Security:

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Security is guaranteed with encrypted data, multi-factor authentication, fraud monitoring and notifications.


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We can provide real-time payment status, and user generated annual reports so that you dont have to spend time tracking down payments, answering calls and preparing tax documentation. EML provides a single platform to manage all aspects of contractor and/or small business payments.

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