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Payments Giant EML is Creating a Better Tomorrow Through its Commitment to Reducing the Use of Plastic Cards in the Communities it Serves Worldwide by 50%.

EML PAYMENTS LIMITED (ASX: EML) (‘EML’) aspires to comparatively cut plastic consumption by the weight of 56 elephants, 10 humpback whales, 1,250 lions and the height of 5,000 giraffes across its global portfolio by 2023.

change for good https://www.emlpayments.com/sei/ will play a crucial role in EML’s strategic blueprint for the evolution of sustainable digital, mobile and virtual payments. The removal of 25 million pieces of plastic from Financial Technology will give the company’s customers and consumers a broader selection of the latest alternative eco-solution payment options.

“Our passion for social purpose is anchored in taking a big issues approach which aligns perfectly with our culture’s desire to inspire change at local and global levels. Social impact is just as much a priority as business impact. At the end of the day, reducing plastic is the right thing to do, people expect us to do it and as an employer, people are attracted to great companies that care about the future of our planet as much as the future of payments,” commented Tom Cregan, EML’s Managing Director & Group CEO.

“Accomplishing an industry-leading reduction in the impact on the environment will speak volumes about our courage in reshaping FinTech’s eco future from the inside out. Remaining true to our values on this journey, the global team is focused on leading by example with this achievable social thrive and behavioural change movement. We ensure our ethical suppliers have environmental certifications and memberships in place. So, across the board, we are adopting change for good,” explained Kristen Shaw, EML’s Group Chief People & Culture Officer.

EML’s change for good pillars of success embrace:

• Ethical Business Practices

• Environmental Sustainability

• Philanthropic Philosophies

• Volunteering Culture