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EML Payments Limited (ASX: EML) is helping ExtrasJar to create a more flexible, customer-centric insurance industry and empower Australian consumers to choose their provider and switch insurance expenses into investments, giving instant access to funds at the time of health and pet treatments.


ExtrasJar strives to ensure customers avoid restrictive limits seen in the wider insurance industry and steps in so that consumers do not miss out on any additional benefit entitlements. By partnering with EML Payments, the ExtrasJar team can offer their consumers a more flexible, reliable and secure way to make the most of their pet and health insurance.


”Our proprietary technology marries value with secure and reliable cover, meaning we offer customers access to non-liquid investments. Next year, we’ll look to extend our digital payment options to physical prepaid cards,” noted Reece Frazier, Co-Founder at ExtrasJar.


”The EML team was delighted to quickly and seamlessly implement reliable and secure digital payments for ExtrasJar’s head-turning blend of customer-centric financial products,” added Rachelle St. Ledger, CEO Australia at EML Payments.


About ExtrasJar

At its core, ExtrasJar is a financial services company that means business. We blend the best of banking, investment and insurance to deliver innovative products which cut down the cost of everyday living and unlock financial freedom for people from all walks of life. Our experience allows us to draw inspiration from a range of industries to form a reliable, customer-focused service that works for your success. See https://extrasjar.com/


About EML Payments

EML Payments provides an innovative payment solutions platform, helping businesses all over the world create awesome customer experiences. Wherever money is in motion, our agile technology can power the payment process, so money can be moved quickly, conveniently and securely. We offer market-leading programme management and highly skilled payments expertise to create customisable feature-rich solutions for businesses, brands and their customers.


Come and explore the many opportunities our platform has to offer by visiting us at: EMLPayments.com


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