EML is a full-service payment provider. We provide a full line of payment services including virtual cards, ACH and eCheck. We work with you to identify and eliminate hidden payment costs while optimizing supplier enrollment so you can earn higher rebates on the payments you’re making every day.

Virtual card payments easily integrate with your existing AP process to significantly improve efficiencies for both you and your suppliers. No IT or ERP integration is required, which means you can implement a virtual card solution quickly and with little resources. Virtual cards cost less than ACH or checks, provide remittance detail, offer more fraud protection and generate revenue. A virtual card is a single-use digital debit card with a 16-digit payment number that uses the MasterCard® payment network. Virtual cards are issued to suppliers via email, and payments are accepted just like credit/debit cards are accepted.
Our supplier enrollment process is comprehensive and customized to ensure high supplier conversion. Our onboarding program uses tailored enrollment campaigns conducted in-house by EML representatives. We offer consistent ongoing communication with 100% of your supplier base and provide continuous relationship management and reporting.