With a reloadable payout card, you can provide your customers with instant access to their funds. EML offers flexible prepaid disbursements and funding card programs for gaming payouts, government disbursements, healthcare reimbursements and commission payouts. With a reloadable payout card, you can increase customer engagement, build brand loyalty, and process payments faster and more securely.

With gaming payout card programs from EML, you can increase customer engagement, improve player retention and loyalty rates, while at the same time creating a unique branding opportunity. Our branded pre-paid reloadable card solutions are specifically designed for the online betting and gaming industry. These card programs revolutionize the customer experience by providing instantaneous access to funds on the gaming account. Our customizable programs allow you to manage velocity controls, deposits, withdrawals and ATM usage, and our solution also plays an important role in effective customer acquisition, retention and CRM strategies.
Instantly pay employee commissions, provide them with secure petty cash, or pay per diems. We can tailor a solution and program functionality to meet your needs, ensuring easy adoption and program success.
Our payout card solution provides governments, not-for-profits, and insurance companies the ability to provide their customers with prompt access to funds in the aftermath of a natural disaster. Using our proprietary platform, we employ “prevent or detect” functionality that allows for the efficient delivery of funds while limiting the risk of fraud and misuse. Cards are issued immediately to the intended recipients and funds are made available once the review process has been completed.