With a custom loop incentive or reward card from EML, you can solve your toughest marketing challenges. Whether you need to win the battle for brand loyalty or drive reward dollar spend to your selected merchants, a partnership with EML can deliver.

Our incentive and reward card platform is a fast, cost-effective way to direct spending back to select merchants and locations while giving customers more of what they want. Each time they transact with you, they receive rewards redeemable only at your stores and partner merchant locations.
Corporate-funded promotions support specific merchants or off-site events like fashion shows, holiday activities and fundraisers. Instead of tickets and invitations, load cards with special offers to generate incredible event attendance and new sales opportunities. And with no pre-funding, you only fund the cards that are redeemed.
With EML’s unique payment and loyalty mobile app, you can build loyalty on the go. Use a mobile reward app to pay, earn and redeem. Transactions are secure, with a unique card number generated for every transaction, and analytics help you track purchases, visits and social posts.