Introducing our new brand: EML


In June of this year, Emerchants Ltd., an issuer and processor of prepaid financial cards in Europe and Australia, acquired Store Financial. Our newly combined portfolio offers innovative payment technology solutions for payouts, gifts, incentives and rewards, and supplier payments. In support of our expanded solution offerings and to better serve our customers on a global scale, Emerchants Ltd., Store Financial Europe, Store Financial Canada and Store Financial USA are coming together under one exciting new brand: EML.


What’s changing?


In short, just our brand. Store Financial has a new name, look and website.


What’s not changing?


A lot! Your card program and your Customer Success team are staying the same. Expect the same level of client support and commitment that we’ve always provided. Also, there will be no changes to existing contracts in place, and we are not changing existing card stock. However, new card orders placed after September 23, 2016 will include the new EML logo on the card back.


What can you expect in the coming weeks?


Later this month, our email addresses will change to use You’ll also start to see our new EML logo appear on program documentation and materials.


Questions? Concerns? Contact the Customer Success team, or drop us a note at