Wunderman Data Management uses gift cards for rebates


Wunderman Data Management is a leading marketing firm that has helped drive sales for some of the world’s most successful brands. In addition to traditional and digital advertising, Wunderman handles rebates for select companies, including a top contact lens provider in the U.S. and Canada.


Prior to partnering with Wunderman, the contact lens provider handled its bulk purchase rebates by hand. Customers mailed in proofs of purchase, and the provider validated those purchases and mailed paper checks to qualifying customers. So, the lens provider partnered with Wunderman to create a faster, more cost-effective process.


While Wunderman created the website for customer enrollment and validation, however, they needed a partner to handle fulfillment. To ensure the lens provider’s customers would receive their rebates in a timely, convenient matter, Wunderman partnered with EML.


Now, Wunderman’s microsite sends a customer list to EML, which in turn mails gift cards to qualified recipients. The cards are customized with the lens provider’s name and logo, and they can be used like credit cards anywhere MasterCard® is accepted. With this efficient, hands-off system, the lens provider has seen a 35 percent decline in rebate transaction costs.


Wunderman has likewise enjoyed working with a trusted partner. “The people who work at Store Financial are phenomenal,” said McElwee. “Their priority is their business partners, they’re extremely easy to work with, and they listen, communicate and brainstorm to help solve problems.”


In the near future, Wunderman plans to use EML’s custom-loop gift cards to create even more profitable rebate programs for its clients. Unlike open-loop cards, these new cards will only be redeemable at the stores and doctors’ offices where customers originally purchase their contacts. “It’s a win-win for everyone,” said McElwee. “Customers get lower prices, our client drives loyalty to their brand, and eye-care providers make more sales.”