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Webinar: Bring Order to the AP Automation Playground


Thursday, October 26 at 2 pm ET

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Automating the accounts payable lifecycle frequently requires organizations to partner with two or more providers of solutions for invoice processing, approval workflow, and payment execution.  Choosing the wrong solutions providers – those that do not “play” well with others – can result in fragmented systems and processes that can leave an organization short of achieving optimum results from automation.

Don’t let your automation efforts be undermined by the wrong solutions providers! During this webinar, the speakers will provide expert insights on selecting the right automation solutions providers:

  • What to look for in an AP automation solutions provider
  • Red flags that a solutions provider may cause long-term headaches
  • The benefits of prioritizing the order in which solutions are implemented
  • The pitfalls of selecting a solutions provider that doesn’t play well with others
  • Critical implementation questions to ask a potential solutions provider
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Payment Optimization Part II

Payment Optimization: The How, The Why and The Who Part II

presented by FENG, the Financial Executives Networking Group

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Part I

Part II

About: Paying your vendors on time in the right amount for the services your company requires is at the heart of a good business relationship. Understanding where your company is headed in accounts payable, establishing supplier enrollment goals and executing on those goals can be easier said than done. But you don’t have to go at it alone. 

Join Doug Seaberg, Director of Business Development with EML as he talks through the strategy and implementation a quality third party partner can provide. It's informative, interactive and provide you with specific steps you can take with your own finance and accounting team to get a supplier payment program up and running successfully. 

In Part I of this webinar series, we explored why it’s important to build a good process for paying vendors, and why a third party partner might be a good option for you and your company. 

In Part II, we continued the conversation and explored how a third party vendor uses a payment analysis to design and execute a successful supplier payments program. 

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