Case Study


Consumer promotional card

A breath of fresh air

Re-imagining the air-conditioning purchase experience through Futjitsu incentive cards, creating opportunities for greater customer loyalty.
The situation
Fujitsu is a leading supplier of air conditioning products in Australia. Focusing all of their research and manufacturing strengths into one core area has resulted in the world-class, market-leading air conditioning products you see today.
The challenge
Fujitsu sought a product that would provide customers with an added incentive to purchase their products, without offering it in cash form.
The solution
EML, in partnership with Edge loyalty was able to develop a non-personalised customised VISA gift cards to replace cash incentives. This allowed Fujitsu to implement the cards as is a rewards/rebate program where cardholders receive a gift card for purchasing a Fujitsu air conditioner or Heater. The cardholder use a unique code to claim the card online and it is then sent to their address for activation and use. The cards are single load, up to the value of $400 and allow cash out.
The outcome
EML and Edge assisted Fujitsu in incentivising customers to select their product over other competitors in a secure, time effective way. Also minimising costs through customer activation and breakage.
“We studied gift card solution providers carefully and chose EML for their track record of gift card program success and potential to grow with us in the U.S., Canada and Europe. They’re a clear market leader in terms of expertise and capabilities. The gift card program from EML fits our ecommerce goals and high quality standards. The collaboration with EML continues to deliver above and beyond our expectations.”