REPORTS TO:  Software Developer Manager

STATUS: Full Time Exempt

The Software Developer contributes to the design and development of applications and systems intended for processing of stored-value payment  cards in physical, online and mobile payment environments. The developer also builds web-based  applications used by customers that initiate or receive payments through the processing platform, both on a corporate and consumer level. This individual supports the development process by maintaining and upgrading many of the tools used by the development team, and performs manual tasks, such as reporting and software deployment, that takes time away from more experienced developers.

The software developer is not as skilled or experienced as the senior software developer, but has a responsibility to gain the necessary skills and experience through a partnership with the senior software developers on the team.
This position is potentially responsible for after-hours support of operational issues related to production systems.

This developer must have at least 3 years experience developing Windows-based applications, with at least 2 years experience developing applications using .NET technologies.

The software developer must exhibit the following characteristics:
•    Team orientation
•    Curiosity and Assertiveness
•    Self-direction and strong sense of ownership
•    High level of urgency
•    Commitment to winning
•    Agent of change
•    Customer Focus
•    Multi-tasking
•    Sense of Humor
•    Pride in work and accomplishments
•    Belief in personal and team accountability
•    Attention to detail
•    Humility
•    Self-awareness


•    Assistance in the design, development, and deployment of new applications and systems used in the processing of stored value gift cards
•    Assistance in the design, development, and deployment of modifications to existing applications and systems Assistance in the design, development, and operation of robust test applications Manual testing of applications and systems
•    Operational support of existing applications and systems
•    Participate in application design sessions
•    Participate in code review sessions
•    Maintenance of development tools, such as an automated build process, issue tracking system, and operational logs
•    Documentation of various procedures and systems, such as deployment procedures and database and systems diagrams
•    Deployment of applications and systems to non-production environments
•    Adherence to development methodologies and coding standards set by the senior members of the team
•    Miscellaneous minor tasks assigned by the development manager

The software developer must, at a minimum, be versed in the theory of the following concepts:
•    Object-oriented design
•    Relational database design
•    Microsoft Windows architecture
•    Tiered software architecture
•    Networking
The software developer must be skilled in the following technologies:
•    Microsoft Visual C#
•    Microsoft SQL Server
•    Microsoft Internet Information Server
•    Microsoft Internet Information Server
•    ADO.NET
•    ASP.NET
•    Socket-based communications
•    XML
•    SOAP-based web services
•    REST web services
•    HTML
•    Transaction SQL
•    Design Patterns
•    ASP.NET MVC 4
The software developer must have the ability to:
•    Solve complex business problems
•    Work under minimal supervision
•    Communicate and work effectively with a variety of personnel
•    Maintain confidentiality of  information
•    Learn quickly and effectively from a variety of sources

Essential functions require sitting approximately 90 percent of time, with balance of time spent traveling to various locations within the office building. Must be able to answer telephones and meet with employees and others who have business with EML. Must be able to read a variety of printed or handwritten material including statements, reports, and/or forms.  Must be able to operate office equipment including a computer, fax, copier, etc. Must be able to hear and speak clearly and distinctly to provide information in person or on the telephone.