Access your winnings instantly with the PointsBet EML Card

EML and PointsBet end bettor frustration with the new PointsBet card that is easy to reload and offers immediate access to winnings.

In January 2020, the Australian points betting company PointsBet and fintech leader EML Payments formed an innovative alliance to provide an unrivaled online sports betting experience in New Jersey by introducing a reloadable payments and payout card for PointsBet users. Launched in Australia in 2017, PointsBet offers traditional fixed odds markets as well as points betting, where winnings depend on how correct your bet is.

What is a PointsBet EML Card? 

A PointsBet EML card provides a new way for bettors to handle their transactions, be it online, in-store, in-app or at an ATM.  The alliance between these two powerhouses offers users a seamless funding experience without the hoops most other gaming operators in the U.S. need to jump through.

PointsBet cardholders enjoy real-time payouts, so users can either push their winnings right back into the platform for their next bet, or enjoy them anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

What are the benefits of a PointsBet EML Card?

If you live in a state where sports betting is legal, depositing money into a regulated sportsbook account should be straight forward. However as banks are federally regulated, and sports betting falls under state regulations, banks would rather decline the transaction than deal with the complex regulatory requirements. This is why bettors find themselves frustrated and in search of a solution. EML teamed up with PointsBet to introduce the PointsBet Card (general purpose reloadable card) knowing it was the answer for bettors who want convenience and flexibility.

With a PointsBet Card you can:

  • Transfer as much as you want into your account with no banking denial.
  • Use it like a regular debit card wherever MasterCard is accepted.
  • Make withdrawals at an ATM, in-app, or online.
  • Enjoy real-time access to your winnings. 

How to request a PointsBet EML card

Getting started with a Points Bet EML card is simple. All you need to do is:

  • create an account, unless you’re already an account member,
  • go to the deposit page and select ‘PointsBet card’, then
  • select ‘request now’

Once your request is approved you will receive an email with further steps to finish your profile. When your profile is complete you will receive a physical PointsBet EML card in the mail, which you can use to load your PointsBet account and access your payouts anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Easy reloads and immediate access to your winnings is easy with the PointsBet EML Card. Get started today.

Who is EML?

EML Payments empowers businesses through more control, transparency and flexibility over payment processes. EML Payments offers financial technology that provides innovative solutions for payouts, gift cards, incentives/rewards, and supplier payments. For more information on white label gaming cards, visit the EML Payments and for additional information or questions please contact EML payments directly.