Faster Bets and Faster Payouts

When it comes to the recently legalized sports betting arena, options for funding gaming accounts can be limited. Credit cards aren’t always accepted, and banks aren’t rushing to update regulations.

In this new era of legalized sports betting, many Americans are looking for a way to easily load and cash-out digital betting accounts. As we slowly adapt to our new found freedom, we look to our offshore counterparts for guidance, where prepaid cards have long been an option to fund online betting accounts.

A Proven Solution from EML Payments

EML Payments, who have been providing successful payout solutions to sportsbooks in Australia and Europe for a number of years, has brought the solution to our shores! The EML general purpose reloadable gaming card allows bettors to receive winnings anytime and anywhere.  They’re also able to instantly push winnings back into their gaming account from their prepaid card.

EML Payments’ general purpose reloadable card operates like a debit card but without the tie to a checking account. The card is designed for everyday use with transactions on the card limited to the balance at the time of use.

Even though there is no tie to a physical banking entity, general purpose reloadable cards are just as protected as debit cards. This is why savvy sport bettors are turning to General Purpose Reloadable gaming cards to load betting accounts and cash out winnings quicker.

Real Benefits for Clients and Customers

EML payments’ white label gaming cards are designed to immediately deliver winnings to customers, while also giving them the freedom to bet at their own pace and from anywhere.

Using a general purpose reloadable card to fund a betting account is far superior to traditional banking channels, which can take up to three days to facilitate a withdrawal.

With EML gaming cards, immediate fund transfers are available and the card’s withdrawal capabilities keep customers engaged and re-spending. We’ve seen the majority of all funds withdrawn onto our prepaid cards are re-spent on the gaming account within 1.5 days of the withdrawal.

A Competitive Edge

EML Payments proprietary technology and customized solutions help drive incremental revenue and margins. Providing your customers with the most convenient gaming card on the market gives them what they want – quick access to winnings – and in turn gives you loyal and engaged brand advocates.

For more information about EML Payments and how its general purpose reloadable gaming payout cards can benefit your business, contact us today.