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Customised Gift Cards Drive Brand Loyalty

Gift Cards sometimes get a bad rap for being the ‘cop-out’ of gifts, but according to the National Retail Federation, they are actually the most requested gift!

Today’s consumer is not just looking to purchase, they are chasing an experience with a brand that speaks to their values and beliefs. Gift cards can be extension of the customer experience if you think creatively and tailor your gift cards towards the type of person you want as a customer.

Multi-Channel Experiences Engage

Giving your customers multiple ways to shop or gift by offering both digital and physical gift cards gives them the freedom to shop wherever they want, whenever they want. Digital gift cards add another layer of convenience with the ability to email or text a gift card. E-gifting is growing exponentially, so providing your customers with the ability to choose gives your business a differentiator that could become a competitive advantage.

EML develops customised gift card solutions using the latest technology so our clients have the choice of using either physical or digital gift cards, or both. The customization and branding opportunities are endless, allowing you to create a program that is meaningful to your customers and profitable for your brand.

Reach All of Your Customers

Reaching all of your customers and providing them with something that best fits their needs and way of life is the key to success. Focus on giving your customer different options when selecting a gift card so that it works for them. For example if you live in an area where both English and French is spoken, offer gift cards in both languages so all your customers feel represented. You can also offer gift cards for holidays as well! Keep in mind, some major holidays can be overdone. So, make an effort to focus on the holidays that truly align with your products and services, even if they are lesser known or celebrated.

Encourage Customers to Treat Themselves

Since 2014, digital self-purchasing of gift cards has grown by 13%, while physical gift cards have seen a 9% increase. Encouraging your customers to not only buy a gift card but add on for themselves is a great way to increase loyalty, and upsell to your customers.

Consumers are more likely to spend more money in places where they feel appreciated – a tailored gift card program allows customers to gain rewards and feel appreciated. It can also help build brand loyalty and increase gift card sales over the longer-term.

EML develops tailored gift card solutions that offer endless customization and branding opportunities. Our platforms utilize the latest technology to ensure your gift card program can be designed and implemented in a way that is meaningful for your customers and profitable for your brand.

If you do not already have a rewards program in place, speak to one of EML’s rewards program experts today to see what program best fits your brand.