Technology Leading the way in Online Sports Betting

The world of online sports betting in the U.S. is growing and changing at a rapid rate. Since the overturn of the PASPA ban in May, seven states have adopted legislation to legalize sports betting. Additionally, another fourteen states have introduced sports betting legislation efforts within the last two years. Speed is the name of the game right now and technology, operations, and user experience organizations are all in a race to meet current and future market needs.

Technology Leads The Way

Online sports betting and technology appear to have grown at similar speeds. Betting programs, apps, and payment methods are being developed and updated faster than any analog betting system could hope to keep up with. Even without the rapid production speed of these programs, cryptocurrencies have also been a popular choice for funding bets while other payment methods work to catch up. Players are expecting greater payout transfer speeds to match the quick results the internet has allowed us to enjoy in other aspects of our life. Quick access payout cards are being offered by some operators, while others work to meet this demand.

EML has been providing successful technology-driven payout methods to sportsbooks throughout Australia and Europe for a number of years. Our solution allows users to enjoy a seamless funding experience without the headache suffered by most other gaming operators. Instead of waiting days to access their winnings, an EML cardholder can access their payout almost immediately and choose to direct it back into their gaming account or use it online, in-store, in-app or via an ATM.

User Experience is Key

From desktop to mobile, user experience can make or break any website or app. The case is no different for sports betting, but many users maybe left wanting more. Being able to easily navigate through the gaming lobby or easily access your winnings is becoming more important as more sites and apps are released rapidly. Online operators who can keep up with the demand may see a positive return as demand for a better user experience grows with the industry.

Operators in a Race to Customize

Brick and mortar businesses can only be stood up so fast and e-commerce trends are frequently reaching new heights. Legitimate operators on U.S. soil hope to offer VIP experiences and incentives to drive business while also steering players away from unscrupulous websites. This problem expands beyond American boarders and appears to be a work-in-progress in many countries as well.

As U.S. legislation changes offer more and more sports betting opportunities, the expectations for businesses to keep up will likely rise as more players place their bets. Now maybe the time that determines which organizations will lead the way for the future of this industry.

EML is excited to apply the lessons learned from our existing relationships in Australia and Europe to our new partners in the U.S. so they can offer their customers a better user experience and easier access to their winnings. To learn more about our gaming solutions, contact us.