Is your company in the 80% getting it wrong?

It’s estimated 80 percent of companies are not paying accurate commissions due to a lack of automation and extensive use of spreadsheets.  Here at EML, we create value for companies of all sizes and industries by helping them transition from manual to automated sales commission processes.

With the technology sector experiencing exponential growth each year, the automation of most sales processes is becoming a reality. As sales roles evolve and become less intrusive due to leads arriving through digitally nurtured channels, your compensation plan should account for this and all other collaborative efforts.

A system that gives you real-time data to compensate your sales team allows you to quickly make critical decisions and use your time more efficiently. Unfortunately, there are still a large number of companies that have a tough time getting their commission payouts right, the first time.

Automating your commission payouts allows you to:

  • increase efficiency through the reduction of mistakes created by human error,
  • improve visibility by providing real-time data, and
  • enhance collaboration throughout the individuals in your team.

At EML, our integrated modern payment solutions take the pain out of disbursements. Implementing a paperless process means your sales team’s earnings can be disbursed in real-time to payment cards that can be used anywhere MasterCard and Visa debit cards are accepted.

Our integrated payment solutions can also help limit fraudulent activity by allowing you to keep a close eye on where your money is being spent through flexible spend controls. If anything looks out of the ordinary, you can simply restrict access by merchant, category, or location.

EML’s Automated Commission Payout program gives your sales team fast access to their funds through real-time fund disbursement and the convenience of being able to withdraw earnings, ACH funds, or use their card to buy something special they’ve had their eye on.

The convenience and real-time payout through automation can help bring both a sales team and its company to a more harmonious state. Automation also delivers the benefits of simplification, which will be enjoyed by all the teams involved in the payout process. If you’re interested in how you could benefit through sales commission automation, contact our team at EML today!