EML’s brilliant women leading the way in Fintech

As we continue to celebrate Women’s History Month at our offices throughout the world, it is important for us to take a step back and recognize some of the women within our company that have made us who we are as a business.

As we continue to grow and push the envelope in the finance technology sector, our female leaders are stepping into the spotlight and continuing to mold our company for a bright, successful and unique future.

EML is made up of extraordinarily talented individuals who all share a passion for achieving every goal and surpassing personal milestones both inside and outside the workplace. We couldn’t be more proud of the work our team members put in on a daily basis.

Let’s take a look at some of the women in Fintech that have helped us achieve an unsurpassed level of success.

Rachelle St. Ledger

For most of her career, Rachelle St. Ledger has been working in the dynamic place where finance and technology intersect. After completing her education at Griffith University in commerce, she began her career in Fintech with MYER Australia. After an exciting and successful decade in the United Kingdom with Prepay Technologies, Rachelle relocated back to Australia to join EML. With more than 15 years’ in the retail and prepaid sector, Rachelle now uses her extensive leadership experience in payment technologies to lead our company’s success as our Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Jen Seeker

As a marketing guru and fintech fanatic, Jen Seeker got her start in sales management, which later led to a position with DELL, where she further honed her career in financial services. Now as the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Account Management for our company she guides our Marketing department with innovative ideas and marketing campaigns to push the financial technology sector further than it has been before.

Ailie Kofoid

Ailie took a less traveled route into the financial services industry by building her career on a foundation in secondary education, which led her into positions where education and finance technology merged. She has held several positions post graduating from K-State University and now finds herself here at EML as our fearless Chief Operating Officer (COO).

The importance of having more women in financial technology is vital to the future of the industry and in empowering future generations of women. It is no surprise that the strength, drive, and leadership our women display day in and day out has helped push our company to where it is today. We are excited to celebrate them this month and every month.

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