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Be in front of the game with an EML branded gaming card

2019 has seen a major shakeup to the Italian gambling market with the recent ban to products and services advertised on the internet, radio and television changing the dynamic for companies and their customers.

This change does not mean you need to stop communicating with your customers, with initiatives such as EML’s branded gaming cards to remain unaffected by the law change.

Through EML’s ongoing innovation, branded gaming cards is a great initiative for companies to create brand awareness throughout Italy while delivering winnings instantly to your customers. Talk about a win-win!

How does a branded gaming card work?

Branded gaming cards deliver winnings to customers while also allowing them to push funds back into their gaming accounts.

With traditional banking channels taking up to three days to facilitate a similar gaming withdrawal, EML’s gaming cards deliver winnings instantly.

In terms of advertising, every card in circulation becomes a branded product in your customer’s wallet. This fosters loyalty and repeated brand exposure with 95% of all customers storing their card in their wallet.

The result? Customers get more satisfaction, it significantly increases their engagement and creates more brand loyalty.

While other marketers and companies are left scratching their heads, be in front of the game with an EML branded gaming card.

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