Curious about what it takes to get your suppliers accepting electronic payments? Take a walk through EML’s process to understand what an enrollment campaign looks like:

Getting Started

When you first partner with EML for Supplier Payment Optimization, we begin by analyzing your latest supplier spend file. It’s critical to review the number and volume of annual payments made to each supplier. When examining these files, you’ll almost always find a natural 80/20 split. That is, usually, about 80% of a company’s payments go to 20% of their suppliers. Oftentimes, the majority of your payments aren’t going to those top paid suppliers: they’re going to the numerous suppliers that are in the “long-tail” of your spend.

We pay equal attention to your entire supplier file, instead of focusing only on those top-paid suppliers. And that pays off for you – our customer. Our holistic approach means you gain more efficiency for your organization, while maximizing your rebate potential.

We pride ourselves in communicating with suppliers the way you want us to. From the beginning of our partnership, we explore your motivation for partnering with us and customize a communication plan with suppliers based on your direction. If you want to encourage electronic payments for a specific reason – like “going green” – we will tailor our communication based on that theme.

Our Supplier Enablement team believes getting the right people on the phone at your supplier’s office is the true key to enrollment. But how do you know who the right people are? EML helps you figure that out.

Often, our partners don’t have comprehensive contact information for their suppliers. EML does the research for you, finds the correct contact information, and appends your master supplier file. As a perk of partnering with us, we then return that heavily-researched file, so you end up with a better vendor record than you had before.